Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Personal Loans the maximum loan amount depends on one’s net income; the higher the earnings, the higher the amount. For SME’s the maximum Loan amount is K100,000.

Personal loans:                


Current Payslip

Signed Pre- Approval

2 Months Bank Statement


SME Loans:

Copy of Official Invoice / Order / Contract

Certificate of Incorporation

Pacra Form 2/ Pacra Print out

Board resolution

Business Utility/ Tenancy Agreement

3 Months Bank Statement

Certified Copies of Directors NRC’s

Within 2 hours for Personal loans. For SME loans up to 5 days

Personal loans go up to 12 months; SME  loans are from 1 months to 3 months.

Our products are designed to meet our clients’ needs ranging from, but not limited to education fees, medical bills, funeral expenses, car insurance, building materials, capital for small businesses and other financial needs.

The primary requirement for the formally employed is a signed payroll deduction agreement between Fincred Finance and the prospective client’s employer.

No collateral is required for Personal loans

For SME’s the loans can be secured the Movable Assets (Motor Vehicles, Equipment etc) and Immovable Assets (Titled Land or Buildings )

All Fincred Finance Loans are covered under our Credit Life Insurance policy.

Terms And Conditions (T's & C's)

The loan conditions should be read carefully by the borrower when applying for a loan. “Borrower”- the individual borrowing money from Fincred Finance also referred to as the “Lender.”

By entering into a loan agreement with Fincred Finance, the borrower declares that:

  • They have provided all necessary documentation that is to be verified by Fincred Finance Loan Officers.
  • They must acknowledge receipt of the loan by signing the loan agreement provided by the institution.
  • They shall be obliged to pay a fixed interest rate of 4% per month during the duration of the loan.

Failure to settle loans shall lead to the following:

  • Fincred may cancel the loan agreement and claim and recover from the borrower any damages that the institution may have suffered.